User Manual

Support & options


To access support options and software configuration, choose “Support & Options” at the top of the program window (element 1).

Finding a phone model
To find a phone model, choose the model name in the “Phone Model” field (element 2) and click “Select” (element 3). You will be taken to the corresponding tab.

Changing interface language
To change the language of the program interface, use the “Language” select (element 4).

Log window
The Log window shows instructions for your further steps and progress of operations (element 5).

Phone connection status
In the left hand bottom corner you may see your phone current connection status (element 6).

Octopus card serial number
In the left hand bottom corner you can see your Octopus card serial number (element 7).

Operation progress (element 8)

“Show hints” on/off button (element 9)
Use this button to enable or disable information tooltips.

Firmware converter (element 10)
Use this button to convert original firmware to Octopus box format.

Octopus card update wizard.
To launch Octopus card update wizard, click “Update Wizard” (element 11).

Octopus Box Software update
To get the link to the latest version of Octopus Box Software, click “Update Software” (element 12).

Support zone
To access Octopus Box Software file Support zone, click “Go to support” (element 13).

To ensure correct work of Octopus Box Software, use only PC internal ports. Do NOT use USB hubs or extension cords!