Frequently Asked Question

A: For correct process perform the following steps:
1.Charge the battery.
2.Reconnect the battery, and connect the USB cable, while holding the «Volume-UP» button. If the phone does not connect, check the battery status. If it is fully charged, connect (solder) the jumper, as shown at the “Show testpoint” picture.
3.Press the Unlock button.
A: After GT500/GT505 unlock you will have to flash it using any firmware from the support zone. After this procedure you phone will turn on.
A: In such cases your need to update your card manually (“Start”->”All programs”->”GsmServer”->”Octopus”->”Update doungle”).
A: Octopus Box is a professional device for LG cell phone service. This box can be used to unlock, flash and recover LG phones, resolve freeze problems and restore IMEI, NVM, camera and network.
A. For Flashing LG GM750 uses “Micro USB” cable.

To process flashing please perform the following steps:
1. Power phone OFF.
2. Please put phone into Emergency download mode. To do so, turn off the phone, press and hold Decrease Volume and Multitask key at the same time and then press the Power button.

3. Choose firmware and press “Write firmware” button.

For working in UART mode after flashing you need to Power phone ON and wait for ending of Initialization. After ending of Initialization you need to reboot phone.
A: Octopus warranty: 6 months. It starts when Octopus is updated for the first time. Please note, that cables are the accessories and are not covered by warranty.
A: You can get technical support by sending e-mail to or at theGSM Forum. Information about Octopus is available at the official web site.
A: Required drivers are available at the official web-site
A: Octopus Box Software uses its own type of files (.oct). You can download firmware files at Boot-Loader V2.0 or convert native LG flash files to the “.oct” type using the built-in converter.
A: Use “Repair country” option after reflashing phone.
A: To unlock LG U300, U310, U450, U830, U880, U890, U900, download the appropriate firmware from the folder “Firmware for unlock” at official support area, write the firmware to the handset, click “Unlock” and follow program instructions.
For Unlocking (Repairing security/Repairing NVM/Reading NVM/Writing NVM/Repairing IMEI/Repairing BlueTooth address) GM750 please connect phone with the "Micro UART" cable.

To process these operations please perform the following steps:
1. Power phone Off.
2. Connect phone with "Micro UART" cable

and press power button.
3. When Windows logo will be appeared, press "Read info" button. If phone info will be read correctly, perform your operation. If phone not detected (info not read) please repeat steps 1 - 3.
A: Charge the battery more then 50 %, simultaneously press «2»+«5»+«Pwr» buttons to start the phone in the emergency mode and reflash it again.
A: To unlock LG L704i, L705i, L705iX, L706ie, L852i, L01A, L03A, do the following steps:
  1. Power on the phone and disconnect the USB cable (in case it is connected).
  2. On the phone keypad, enter #17320508*# (for L03A code 3845#*03#)
  3. Go to «Port Settings» and select «QCT mode».
  4. Go to «Port Settings», choose «Diag Setting» and select «USB Set for Diag».
  5. Connect the cable to your phone, install drivers and enter «Unlock».
A: To remove the code, enter #17320508*# on the phone keypad to access service menu, then select «Factory reset».
A: To unlock LG KS20, do the following steps:
  1. Set required drivers for this phone model.
  2. Power on the phone.
  3. On the phone keypad, type "2676625720#" to enter Engineer Menu.
  4. Go to "Port Settings" and choose "Diag Setting".
  5. Select "USB Set for Diag" and choose "Ok".
  6. Select "Back" to return to "Port Settings".
  7. Choose "USB Switching" and select "LG Composite -DUN, DIAG". Choose "Done" and restart a phone.
  8. Connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable and try to read phone information using the "Read phone info" option.
    • If the operation fails, you should connect KE500 cable to the phone, type in "2676625720#" to enter “Engineer Menu” and do the following steps:
      • Go to "Port Settings" and choose "Diag Setting".
      • Select "USB Set for Diag" and choose "Ok".
      • Select "Back" to return to "Port Settings".
      • Restart a phone.
      Now you can unlock, read or write NVM using the UART (KE500) cable.
    • If the operation completes successfully, you can unlock the phone, read or write NVM and write firmware using the USB cable.
  9. To write firmware, please switch the phone to the "Emergency mode". To enter "Emergency Mode", turn on the phone and simultaneously press "SEND" +"Function" +"PWR".
  10. Restore NVM after reflashing the item.
  • BL40 – Press and hold "Vol+ and Vol-", then connect USB cable
  • KC910, KC910Q – Press and hold “SEND"+"Multitasking key"+"Lock/Unlock key"+"PWR"
  • KS20, MS20, MS25 – Press and hold "SEND"+"Function"+"PWR"
  • CU915, TU915, CU920 –  Press and hold "Vol+"+"Camera Key"+"PWR"
  • KE990, KE998, KE990d, KU990, KU990R, KU990M, KU990G, KU990i, KU990ig,U990 – Press and hold "SEND"+"C"+"Camera Key"+"PWR"
  • BL20, U8210, L600V , KU310, KU311, CU515, MU500, TU500, CU500, CU500V, CU400, CU405, TU515, MU515, CU720, TU720, KB620, HB620, HB620T, KF310, KF311, KF690, KF700, KF701, KF700Q, KU250, U250, KU380, KU385, U300, U300C, U310, U310C, U370, U370C, U370W, U450, U450C, U830, U880, U890, U900, U970, KU970 – Press and hold "2"+"5"+"PWR"
A: Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions.
A: You have to purchased Octopus Server Credits first. Following a successful transaction, you will receive an email, with all the information about your new account, including your login and password.
A: You have to order the required amount of credits. While ordering, in the corresponding field, you need to specify all your current account details, and how many credits you lack. Otherwise, we will create a new account with purchased amount of credits.
A: You need to contact our technical support by online chat or you can send an email to with a detailed explanation why do you need to combine two accounts and those account details.
A: Please, make sure that you have purchased Octopus Server Credits before. If you did not buy them, then you need to make a purchase. After that you will receive an email, with all the information about your new account, including your login and password. If indeed, you forgot or lost your password, then it is recommended to contact our support by online chat or you can send a request to In the request form you must specify your Octopus Server Credits purchase order number, then we will able to help you restore or change your password.
A: Logins and password from other services (boot-loader, etc.) are not suitable for logging into Octopus Server Credits account. These are different services; they are not related to each other.
A: In case the phone was not unlocked, you have to send us the following information:
  • ID number of your request
  • IMEI number of your phone
  • Phone's model
  • What company is the mobile phone’s carrier?
On the following electronic address: After that, you will need to film a video, in high quality (HD), which will confirm your unsuccessful unlock procedure. That video should clearly show phone's IMEI number, phone's model, how it is locked and the unlock procedure, during which can be seen unlock code entering, evenly and slowly. Then upload your video to and send the link to a video to technical support team. After you video reviewed and analyzed by development team, a decision will be made. You will either get your credits back or receive a consultation, stating that has not been done correctly and how to fix it.
A: Unfortunately, in that case wrongly spent credits cannot be returned, because your request has been already processed by remote server and it is waiting for the completion of unlock procedure. Please be more careful when you submit your request, make sure that you enter correct device data.
A: Phones with that application, from stated operators, cannot be unlocked using this method. In case if you already sent a request to unlock, spent credits cannot be returned back on your account.
A: Please be advised, if the phone is locked by Sprint or Verizon and IMEI number starts with 99XXXX, that device cannot be unlocked. In this case credits will not be returned.
A: This particular message means that remote server is busy right now or being under maintenance. Please try to submit your request a couple of hours later.
A: This particular message means that you have tried to input incorrect username or password of your Octopus account too many times. Because of this, to protect servers, your IP address has been blocked on the server side. Your IP address will remain blocked for approximately 30 minutes. Please make sure your account information is correct.
A: At this moment FRP unlock service is unavailable. Recommended to check the current status of the server here. Please be advised, if you submit a request to unlock FRP and server’s status would be “unavailable”, your credits won’t be returned back on your account.