Octoplus Team Works as Usual. We continue working on new solutions and providing all the services to our users.

2023-01-13 18:54:31

Dear users!

Due to the war, which is going on in Ukraine now, many users are concerned about the stability of operation of our team and our services.

We want to assure you that since the war in Ukraine started, the Octopus team has not stopped its work and operation of any of the services even for one day. Octoplus is an international team with many of its members all around the globe. Our servers are not dependable on any physical location and placed on cloud resources.

Please, don’t panic and trust in Octoplus team. We are working in our standard mode every day, and continue developing new powerful solutions for our users!

Important! Be sure to trust only verified information from reliable sources about the work of Octoplus team.

Follow our official channels and pages, and stay tuned for new updates!