Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.2.3 is out! Added Factory Reset via Fatsboot Mode for Nokia devices.

2022-11-14 19:19:14

Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.2.3 is out!

Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.2.3 Release Notes:

  • Added Factory Reset via Fatsboot Mode for the following Nokia devices:
    • C10 (TA-1342)
    • C20 (TA-1339, TA-1348, TA-1352, TA-1356)
    • C30 (TA-1357, TA-1359, TA-1360, TA-1369, TA-1377)

  • Added Reset Mi Account, Reset FRP and Safe Factory Reset, Disable OTA Update operations for:
    • Xiaomi Pad 5 (nabu)

  • Added Reset FRP and Factory Reset operations for:
    • Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G

  • Added Reset FRP for the following devices:
    • Alcatel OneTouch U5 (OT-5044P)
    • Alcatel OneTouch Pop 4 (OT-7070Q)
    • TCL 20R 5G (T767H) (thanks to Mr. Noix)
    • TCL 305 (6102D) (thanks to Mr. AbDuLlAH kHaWaR)
    • TCL C5 (5152D)

    • Lava Benco Y50 Pro (AF9020) (thanks to Mr. Gsm_Flash Baba)
    • Lava V7 (LE9920) (thanks to Mr. barakath)
    • Lava Z3 UP 2
    • Lava Z53 (LE9920)

    • Realme X3 SuperZoom (RMX2086) (thanks to Mr. carleto moreno)
    • Realme X3 (RMX2081)
    • Realme X3 (RMX2085)
    • Realme X3 (RMX2083)
    • Realme X3 (RMX2142)

    • Cubot Note 9 (thanks to Mr. farhankhan377)
    • Digicel DL4 (thanks to Mr. k.n.o.x)
    • Hotwav Cyber 9 Pro (thanks to Mr. rusgard)
    • Logicom Le Prime (thanks to Mr. nori2007)
    • Logicom Le Spark (thanks to Mr. nori2007)
    • Modio M20 (thanks to Mr. AbDuLlAH kHaWaR)
    • Vestel Venus Z20 (thanks to Mr. turkcellgsm)
    • ZTE A31 Lite (thanks to Mr. motursa and Mr. Genci&Geri)

    • Blabloo Space 1
    • Casper Via E30
    • Compumax Blue
    • Hiking A23
    • iHunt Strong Tablet X Pro
    • Itel A510W
    • Masstel Tab 8A
    • Motorola Moto E32s (XT2229-2)
    • Motorola Moto E32s (XT2229-3)
    • Multilaser F Pro
    • Navon Infinity
    • Oscal C60
    • Patters P7
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (SM-T225N)
    • Simbans PicassoTab X
    • ZTE Z5158

Download Octoplus FRP Tool v.2.2.3