Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.2.6 is out! Improved Reset Huawei ID operation.

2021-09-23 15:17:20

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.2.6 is out!

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.2.6 Release Notes:

  • Improved Reset Huawei ID operation for devices based on MTK MT6762R, MT6761, MT6765, MT6873:
    • Huawei Y5 2019 (AMN-L21, AMN-L29, AMN-LX1, AMN-LX2, AMN-LX3, AMN-LX9)
    • Huawei Honor 8S Pro (KSA-AL00)
    • Huawei Honor 8S (KSA-L21, KSA-L22, KSA-L29, KSA-LX9, KSA-TL00)
    • Huawei Enjoy 9E (MRD-AL00)
    • Huawei Y6 (MRD-L11, MRD-L22, MRD-L23, MRD-LX1, MRD-LX2, MRD-LX3, MRD-TL00)
    • Huawei Y5p (DRA-LX9)
    • Huawei Honor 9S (DUA-LX9)
    • Huawei Honor Play 9A (MOA-AL00, MOA-TL00, MED-AL20, MOA-AL20)
    • Huawei Y6p (MED-LX9, MED-LX9N, MOA-LX9, MOA-LX9N)
    • Huawei Y6s (JAT-LX1, JAT-LX3, JAT-L41, JAT-L29)
    • Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro 5G (DVC-AN20)
    • Huawei Enjoy Z (DVC-AN00)
    • Huawei Honor X10 (KKG-AN00, KKG-AN10)
    • Huawei Honor 30 Lite (MXW-AN00)
    • Huawei Honor 30 Youth (MXW-AN00)
    • Huawei Honor Play 4 (TNNH-AN00)
    • Huawei Honor X10 Max (KKG-AN00)

    How to Reset Huawei ID MOA-AL00 with Octoplus Huawei Tool

  • Added Switch from Fastboot to Update mode option for HiSilicon and MTK based devices (MT6761, MT6762R, MT6765).

*Note: The operation Reset Huawei ID will be performed without the risk of resulting in phone’s incomplete functionality or network problems.

Download Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.2.6