Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.0 is out! Added Direct Unlock operation.

2019-06-04 18:35:01

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.0 is out!

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.0 Release Notes:

  • Added Direct Unlock operation for the following devices:
    • H30-U10, G526-L11, G610-U20, G700-U10, G730-U10, Y530-U00, Y540-U01, Y600-U20, Y625-U32, SCL-AL00, SCL-L01, SCL-L02, SCL-L03, SCL-L04, SCL-L21, SCL-L31, SCL-L32, SCL-TL00, SCL-TL00H, SCL-U23, SCL-U31

  • Added Read Bootloader Code operation for the following devices:
    • G526-L11, Y530-U00

  • Added Repair IMEI operation for the following devices:
    • Y540-U01, Y600-U20, Y625-U32

  • Added Repair IMEI/ BT MAC / Wi-Fi MAC / SN / Board SN/ Vendor Code / Country Code for the following devices:
    • G526-L11, Y530-U00, G610-U20, G700-U10, G730-U10, H30-U10

  • Added Reset FRP operation for:
    • Y560-L01

  • Added Read Bootloader, Direct Unlock, Reset Huawei ID, Repair Product Name, Repair MEID, Repair IMEI, Repair BT, Repair Wi-Fi, Repair SN, Repair BSN, Repair Vendor, Repair Country, Reset FRP operations for:
    • FDR-A01w

  • Added Backup Firmware (via TP) operation for the following devices:
    • CLT-L09, CLT-L29
    • COL-L29
    • CRR-L09, CRR-UL00
    • CHE2-L11, CHE2-UL00
    • EML-AL00, EML-L29
    • EVA-AL10, EVA-DL00, EVA-L09, EVA-L19, EVA-L29, EVA-TL00
    • FIG-L11, FIG-L23
    • FRD-AL00, FRD-AL10, FRD-L09
    • GRA-CL00, GRA-L09, GRA-UL00
    • H60-L04
    • KNT-AL10, KNT-AL20, KNT-UL10
    • LON-AL00, LON-L29
    • MHA-AL00, MHA-L09, MHA-L29
    • NEM-AL10, NEM-L21, NEM-L51
    • NXT-AL10, NXT-L09, NXT-L29
    • PE-TL10
    • PLK-L01, PLK-UL00
    • PRA-AL00, PRA-L11, PRA-L23
    • RNE-AL00, RNE-L21, RNE-L22, RNE-L23
    • SNE-L01
    • STF-AL10, STF-L09
    • VIE-AL10, VIE-L09, VIE-L29
    • VKY-L09, VKY-L29
    • VNS-L11, VNS-L21, VNS-L22, VNS-L53
    • VTR-AL00, VTR-L09, VTR-L29
    • WAS-L01A, WAS-L22, WAS-TL10HK

  • Added automatic notifications about new software version release.

  • Improved Write Firmware operation in Upgrade mode, flashing customization files are available now!

  • We fixed bugs related to User Interface, Write Firmware and Update OEMinfo operations.

Download Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.0