Octoplus Samsung Tool Software v.4.2.6 is out! Added support for Samsung devices.

2023-09-21 17:45:58

New version of Octoplus Samsung Software is out!

Octoplus Samsung Tool Software v.4.2.6 Release Notes:

  • Added support for Samsung devices with new security (2023-05-01 and above) for Unlock MDM (Apr. 2023) operation!
  • Note:
    For Unlock MDM to work on devices with high security (2023-05-01 and above), the software disables the built-in lockscreen.
    If you set up a password, pattern or PIN, the phone will NOT ask for it (it will only ask 1 time after the restart).
    Banking or applications that require a password or biometrics WILL work.
    You can use any third-party application to emulate lockscreen.

  • Improved MDM unlock operation (Apr. 2023).
  • For devices with security below 2023-05-01, a new unlocking method will be used.

    All disadvantages of the old method have been removed:

    • After the operation device will be fully functional. Smart Switch, Samsung Dex works.
    • You CAN perform a factory reset. The phone will NOT be re-locked.
    • The message “This device belongs to your organization” has been removed.
    • Problem with not receiving calls and notifications while screen is off, has been removed
    • You CAN flash the device via download mode. We can't guarantee that the device will not be re-locked after flashing to newer firmware. It's at your own risk.


    • For safety reasons we disable OTA updates on the device, but you can update device using a download mode.
    • Some devices do not support new method, so for them you need to use the old method.

  • Added the option to select the unlock method for Unlock MDM (Apr.2023) operation.
  • Some other improvements were introduced.

Download Octoplus Samsung Tool Software v.4.2.6